Panorama Travel is a full service agency specializing in custom travel arrangements to suit individual tastes. Our staff is trained to work with each client, designing a program specifically geared toward the particular travel needs for both business and leisure travel. Located in Wilsonville for 19 years, our consultants have exceptional expertise in domestic and international travel arrangements ranging from a stay at a luxury hotel on the Grand Canal of Venice, a quiet bed and breakfast in the Swiss Alps, to canoeing through the giant Victoria Regia Lilies deep in the upper Amazon Valley of Peru. Our staff will enjoy arranging your next romantic getaway or vacation.

The owner, Brazilian born
Norimar Campos
, has lived in Brazil, Uruguay, and in many of the United States. Originally a foreign language professor with fluency in three languages and with over 20 years in the travel industry, she pursues her passion for participation in and interaction with the varied and unique cultures of the world. Travel to the great cities of the world form her specialty, as she has lived in and around Washington DC, New York, Sao Paulo, and Montevideo.

Agency manager
Angela Grainger's
specialty in custom-designed international arrangements is a creative endeavor benefited by 22 years in the travel industry and enhanced by a lifelong love of traveling to the quaint, adventurous, and unfrequented areas of the world such as the High Cloud Forest Mountains of Central Mexico to visit the monarch Butterfly Sanctuary that sits at 10,000 feet above sea level, or searching for antique treasures in the small Cotswold Villages of England. Her talent for discovering the unique, "boutique style" accommodations and unusual romantic "getaways" was featured on Portland's Channel 8 Good Morning show as well as in two articles in Forbes Traveler Magazine.
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